New every morning is your love, great God of light, and all day long you are working for good in the world. Stir up in us desire to serve you, to live peacefully with our neighbors and all your creation, and to devote each day to your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

"A Liturgy for Morning Prayer," Upper Room Worshipbook

Used by permission from the Book of Common Worship, © 2018 Westminster John Knox Press. All rights reserved. This prayer appears in “A Liturgy for Morning Prayer” in Upper Room Worshipbook.


Today’s Reflection

If we choose to lock our doors for the security or reassurance of those on the inside, we should consider any unintended consequences to the physical safety of those gathered should an internal emergency occur, consulting with the local fire department, for example, to ensure that escape is still possible and that our fortress does not become a prison. We should consider the spiritual health of the community and what we are teaching explicitly or inadvertently about who belongs within or without our walls.

As in all things, we should always be ready to give an account of how our decisions reflect our obedience to the commandments: Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself.

—Rosalind C. Hughes, Whom Shall I Fear? Urgent Questions for Christians in an Age of Violence (Upper Room Books, 2021)

Today’s Question

What does it mean for you to “always be ready to give an account” about your decisions? Join the conversation.

Today’s Scripture

But in your hearts sanctify Christ as Lord. Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is in you.
—1 Peter 3:15 (NRSV)

Prayer for the Week

Even though I walk through lonely and dark times, I will fear nothing, because you are with me; your guidance and authority comfort me. (Adapted from Psalm 23:4)
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  • Lou Posted July 7, 2021 5:41 am

    Be ready – we should be obedient and ready always to show love to those who need us. I especially try to show love to my family and friends and those with whom I work – you never know who is going to need that extra support. It is challenging to love at times – especially when you might not feel it back- but God wants us to love unconditionally and freely- not always easy.
    Prayers for all this day- for those especially facing physical pain and also emotional pain- God is near to the broken-hearted. Continued prayers for my daughter and her search- I’m up early these days as I can’t sleep with my own anxiety about the housing situation. Thanks for your insight on housing in NYC Robert- Chicago apartment hunting is nothing compared to NY. We did it also year all online, but either way it is quite challenging. Thank you all for your prayers. Praying for those who have no housing and are struggling in this heat. I am thankful everyday for a home and place to lay my head that has good AC. Prayers and blessings to all.

  • robert moeller Posted July 7, 2021 6:43 am

    I think the giving an account means explaining our decisions and actions. There are times when we most definitely don’t do what we should, we repent, confess, make amends, and continue our journey thankful that Jesus has made our path secure.
    Thankfully I am no longer a city dweller, perhaps if I had grown up in the city, I would see it as a more hospitable place. I surely hope Lou’s daughter and her roommates find an apartment.
    Today is look back at previous days’ posts to learn how the NEM family is doing. More later.

  • Julie Posted July 7, 2021 8:54 am

    Indeed, the Bible is quite clear in many books that we will need to account for our actions and decisions with the final accounting being before Jesus on judgement day. I also try to notice my transgrssions and repent and try to better live up to the Bible’s teachings.
    One of the places I got takeout from was my favorite Syrian restaurant. I love Syrian food as it closest to what I grew up with as my grandfather was Syrian and my great grandparents were from Syria. I grew up eating many of the items offered on the menu. Megan does not enjoy this food other than gyros which this rest aurant only has at lunch.
    Prayers for Lou’s daughter and her roommates, may they soon find an apartment that is suitable and meets their budget. Prayers for Robert and his church as they transition, may all go well. Prayers for Ally, David and Marcy’s health and financial issues. Prayers for Jill and her family as we in this area deal with high temperatures and humidity, may they take it easy especially during exercise. It was quite hot in our mutual areas on Monday when Megan and I went to the flower show. Phipps Conservatory is an all glass building and there is no air conditioning as it is not beneficial for the plants. It was oppressive within the various rooms.
    Thank you for your prayers and God bless all who come here today.

  • Marti Williams-Martin Posted July 7, 2021 9:12 am

    I am grateful for you, the New Every Morning community. I am praying with you today.

  • Ally Posted July 7, 2021 1:43 pm

    To be ready to give an account for my decisions, to me, means that I take responsibility for my actions and understand that I will be held accountable for those decisions. It is up to me to prayerfully consider how my actions affect my neighbors. That is my takeaway. I’m interested in how my UR friends may interpret the question. Blessing to all on this day.

  • Ally Posted July 7, 2021 2:26 pm

    Thanks to all for your insight today. Thanks Julie, for your prayers for pur issues. Things are tough right now. We know God is faithful and able. Prayers continue for your situation at home. Lou, prayers for your daughter and her friends as they look for housing. Prayers also for your anxiety regarding the situation, that you will get rest and sleep. Robert, thank you for your insight into the question. Thank you Marti, for your presence and prayers with us today.

  • Jill Posted July 7, 2021 6:21 pm

    I hope that my account, given or perceived, is one in alignment with the Word of God. I hope my actions and words set me apart, but don’t know that they are perceived this way. I welcome the opportunity to speak of my faith. I must be very careful in my work setting though. It has been a blessing to have these deeper conversations with students, once they have graduated or completed my program. I miss the days of supervising the Wednesday morning student Bible study and the prayer time.
    Very oppressive today, but dad and I got our round of golf in, with storms all around us it seemed, but not above us. We had dinner afterwards, including ice cream. It began to sprinkle while we finished our treat.
    At home, it didn’t look like it rained. It is rumbling now, but more noise than precipitation. Taking in the tennis which I taped earlier in the day.

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