New every morning is your love, great God of light, and all day long you are working for good in the world. Stir up in us desire to serve you, to live peacefully with our neighbors and all your creation, and to devote each day to your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

"A Liturgy for Morning Prayer," Upper Room Worshipbook

Used by permission from the Book of Common Worship, © 2018 Westminster John Knox Press. All rights reserved. This prayer appears in “A Liturgy for Morning Prayer” in Upper Room Worshipbook.

Today’s Reflection

WHY IS IT so hard for us to believe that God’s love really is unconditional and that we should imitate God’s love not only for others, but also for ourselves?

Perhaps we have regarded self-centered behavior too harshly. We are unwilling or unable to give ourselves the same gentle grace that God offers us and that we believe should be offered to others. Leap from doubt to belief and remember that God loves you, delights in you, and yearns for your response.

– Rueben P. Job
A Guide to Prayer for All Who Seek God

From pages 389-390 of A Guide to Prayer for All Who Seek God by Norman Shawchuck and Rueben P. Job. Copyright © 2003 by Norman Shawchuck and Rueben P. Job. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Upper Room Books. http://bookstore.upperroom.org/ Learn more about or purchase this book.

Today’s Question

As you pray, address these words to God: “You love me, you delight in me, you yearn for my response.” Share your thoughts.

Today’s Scripture

Praise the LORD! How good it is to sing praises to our God; for he is gracious, and a song of praise is fitting.
Psalm 147:1, NRSV

This Week: Pray for those suffering from natural disasters. Submit your prayer to The Upper Room Living Prayer Center or share it in the comment section.

Did You Know?

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This week we remember: Brigid of Ireland (February 1).

Lectionary Readings

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  • robert moeller Posted February 1, 2018 4:17 am

    God is love, God’s message is love, it is the core of the Good News, what created us, and what we are to do unconditionally. We are to love our enemies, pray for, and care for them. Thank You, Lord, for loving us and teaching us to love. Guide us, direct us and we share the love You give us with others.

    Prayers for Anneliese, she was in the hospital a night ago, but is home, and some heart tests are forthcoming. Hopefully all went well yesterday with the old tenant out, a walk through inspection today, and a meeting with a prospective new tenant on Friday. Lots going on, God’s strength and courage are very needed.

    Prayers for Jill’s parents, Mary’s dad, Marcy, Julie, Andrea, Andrea’s daughter and grandson, Lou , her mom and children, Chloe and her daughter, Connie, Betsy’s calling, those we miss, all of you who come to this site, and for wisdom and action in Washington DC that does what is right and helpful for America and the world.

    Thankful that Erich’s sciatic nerve pain is going away. He is improving. Thank You, Lord. Grateful for resources, food, shelter, transportation, needs met.
    Blessings to all, the love of God be with you.

    • Mary Ng Shwu Ling Posted February 1, 2018 8:21 am

      Thanks Robert

      Glad to hear that Erich ix recovering from his nerve pain and may God bless Erich and Anneliese with a speedy recovery

      Blessings to all

      Thank you God for your amaxing unconditional love

      • robert moeller Posted February 2, 2018 4:35 am

        Thanks Mary! Prayers for you, fellow teachers, and students as all of you struggle with the language problem. Hopefully a new centre manager will have the wisdom needed and the capability to rectify the situation. Communication is essential for education to occur.

        • Mary Ng Shwu Ling Posted February 2, 2018 6:30 am

          Actually, it is very simple. Those colleagues who left, the company ahould replace with chinese teachers who could help to give the mother tongue spelling or else engage a mother tongue teacher who would go to every class whose teacher cannot give mother tongue teacher. That is what most centres do.

          Thanks Robert!


          • robert moeller Posted February 3, 2018 3:44 am

            Hope your suggestion and the practice of many centres is followed soon. Students and teachers need help. This seems to be a common problem for schools there. Prayers for wisdom and action to rectify this communication problem.

  • Jill Posted February 1, 2018 4:33 am

    Yes, He rejoices over me with singing. He desires relationship, communication and obedience. Father, assist me to be mindful and faithful.
    I had a phone conversation with my sister yesterday morning, following my first class. It was the most pleasant conversation we have had in a long time. I am encouraged and hopeful moving forward, that we will be able to effectively communicate regarding our parents’ care and situation. Thank You, Father.
    Grateful for the steadiness and consistency of work. Grateful, too, for the regularity of my women’s small group meetings, now that the holidays are over. And – it is February. January was awash in hecticness and now the shortest month is upon us with Lent just around the corner. Father – I praise You for Your constantness amidst the unpredictability of life. You are my Rock.
    Thank You for watching over, guiding and sustaining this group.

  • Betsy Posted February 1, 2018 7:05 am

    Such a simple message; that God is love and He loves and protects us at all times. No wonder we are told to have the faith of a small child. Thank you, Lord, for loving me unconditionally. Give me the grace to be your face to others in a hurting world.
    I rejoice today in stronger relationships with family members (Jill), healing for family (Robert and Mary) and all others who visit here, Marcy, Julie, Andrea, Choe, and Lou. I pray for you by name and the Lord above holds us all in his hand.

    • Mary Ng Shwu Ling Posted February 2, 2018 6:31 am

      Thanks so much dear Betsy!

      Blessings and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  • Julie Posted February 1, 2018 8:03 am

    This is a concept I struggle to understand and accept. I have been told for so lng that I am unworthy on my own merits, as a person. I was made to feel that I had to be perfect to be lovable.
    Prayers for continued harmony between Jill and her sister.
    Prayers for Robert, Erich, and Annaliese.
    Prayers for Betsy and her decision.
    Prayers for Mary and her parents, Lou and her children, Louise, Connie, Andrea, her daughter and grandson, Marcy, Louise, Chloe and all who visit this community of supportive believers

    • robert moeller Posted February 1, 2018 8:26 am

      Julie, I share some of your experience, one grandmother would ask what we got on our report cards and before we could answer she would tell us that cousins got all As. I never took that too seriously as we were all the recipients of her love and attention despite that comment.

      So thankful you are here at the UR where you are loved as Christ loves by this fellowship and of course, by Christ. This truly is an amazing site. Only Christ is perfect, we strive for it, and by the grace of God can have it. Abide in Christ as Christ abides in you and all is well.

      • Julie Posted February 1, 2018 6:25 pm

        Thank you Robert

  • Mary Ng Shwu Ling Posted February 1, 2018 8:17 am

    Thanks so much Betsy and Julie


  • Andrea Posted February 1, 2018 9:23 am

    I give thanks for a lovely time with my daughter yesterday. I am grateful that we have reached a new level of closeness.

    Jill, how wonderful that you and your sister are more “in tandem.” That will be a great support to both of you.

    My grandson is better. My vocal cords have improved; it requires my diligence folliwing the exercise routine from my speech therapist, whom I see tomorrow. My coughing has greatly improved. Thank you for your prayers.

    It is very cold here. The moon rise was beautiful yesterday evening against a yellow and gray horizon, and it still had not set when I got up this morning. I am always moved by the phases of the moon, a metaphor for God’s constancy through life’s changes.

    Continued prayers for dear UR friends.

  • Marcy Posted February 1, 2018 2:39 pm

    Dear UR siblings, friends and family, thank you for all your prayers as I continue to travel this rocky road, rocky at so many levels. A scary partial diagnosis won’t be confirmed until March 5th, when I have a Pulmonary Dr appointment. Still not over setbacks sprung on me yesterday. I am truly sick and tired of being sick and tired. And even more so, of going on and on and on about it all. Doesn’t help matters in the least.

    Robert, your comments on Love are soothing to the soul. Thank you. I’m keeping Annaliese in my prayers as she had to visit the hospital a few nights ago. Praying that the tests concerning her heart are helpful in any treatment she needs. Very busy times requiring God’s strength and sustenance, which are included in my prayers for you, Erich and Annaliese every morning. Thank you for your prayers, Robert, not only for myself, but for all of us here in this blessed UR family.

    Jill, I am keeping your Mom and Dad in my prayers as they adjust to changes in their lives. Praying your Dad’s doctor appointment goes well and am sorry to hear about the prostate cancer, even though it will basically have no effect on him. Praises to God our Father that your relationship with your sister is improving! Praises for your women’s small group meetings! I keep in mind your words about leaning into God and clinging onto the Rock. Thank you, Jill. I keep you and your family in prayer every morning.

    Betsy, I keep you in prayer every morning, as I do all here in our blessed UR family and specifically for your ministry decision. I feel sure that God will answer your prayers on this! Thank you for your gracious message today! Yes, “No wonder we are told to have the faith of a small child.” Thank you for praying for us by name, as, for myself, this strengthens and upholds me in times of weakness.

    Julie, my first friend here in the UR family, who invited me to speak my heart, please, don’t you listen to anyone here in the world or the liar, when they tell you these untruths about being unworthy! Even though I had and still struggle with self-esteem, self-worth, you were the one who made me feel better, worthy, maybe even useful! I remain thankful to you as the isolation was crippling me. You are a great encouragement to others here, posting or staying silent. I read so long before I posted, afraid I wouldn’t be accepted. You changed that for me, and I’m sure for others. I continue to pray for you every morning, that your pain decreases, that your daughter is feeling okay, and most of all, that God reaches into the soul of your husband and commands him to treat you respectfully. I used to pray this for my own husband, too, even though he didn’t believe in God. I’m so very thankful for your prayers. They mean so much to me. God bless you, Julie!

    Mary, sweet sister, I continue to pray for your Dad as he is in rehabilitation now, going through physical therapy, and your Mom, who I hope is eating well. I pray that the situation at school will be resolved as you are over extended in your class size and language issues. Also praying that you are getting some rest in somewhere, dear sister! Keep you in prayer every morning. Love to you!

    Andrea, just wonderful news that you and your daughter are doing so well! Hope you both had a great time at lunch yesterday, celebrating her birthday! Praising God for this and also for your grandson’s health and your own. I don’t now what lies ahead first me concerning my breathing, but I will pray that God will be with the Pulmonary doctor when my appointment comes and will do whatever is necessary. Praise God that there are exercises you can do to maintain the health of your vocal chords! Praying that yoyr appointment with the speech therapist goes well today. Your description of the moon rise was beautiful. I keep the visualization of being held in Jesus’ Everlasting Arms at the front of my mind as I stumble along this path. As I pray and study the Bible, I imagine Christ’s hand on my head and my tears are dried and peace returns. Thank you, Andrea. And thank you, for your prayers.

    I am grateful to each and every member of this loving UR family, and thank God in my prayers every morning that He brought me here, saving me from the loneliness that still haunts me at times. I am full of love for you all, through Christ who is the model of Love. May each and every one of your cares be handed over to God. And we praise God for the improvements and love for family, friends and one another.

    I have been praying and continue to pray for all whose lives are and were affected by hurricanes, earthquakes, massive flooding, wind damage, ice storms and snow, rampant wildfires, mudslides and all manner of devastating atmospheric fluctuations.

    Praying for healing for all dealing with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Praising God with those celebrating health, happiness and harmony!

    And these three remain: Faith, Hope and Love, and the greatest of these is LOVE!

    • Mary Ng Shwu Ling Posted February 1, 2018 11:25 pm

      Thanks so much dear Marcy


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