New every morning is your love, great God of light, and all day long you are working for good in the world. Stir up in us desire to serve you, to live peacefully with our neighbors and all your creation, and to devote each day to your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

"A Liturgy for Morning Prayer," Upper Room Worshipbook

Used by permission from the Book of Common Worship, © 2018 Westminster John Knox Press. All rights reserved. This prayer appears in “A Liturgy for Morning Prayer” in Upper Room Worshipbook.


Today’s Reflection

That family history is the gospel that I want to share: the one that tells that we are a reflection of the diversity of the divine creation in which the image of God is refracted in infinite ways not only through our bodies, minds, and spirits but also by our relationships; that in the household of God there are many rooms, and there is room for every last child made in the image of God’s love.

—Rosalind C. Hughes, A Family Like Mine: Biblical Stories of Love, Loss, and Longing (Upper Room Books, 2020)

Today’s Question

What encouragement do you find in knowing that God has room for everyone? Join the conversation.

Today’s Scripture

For the mountains may depart
and the hills be removed,
but my steadfast love shall not depart from you,
and my covenant of peace shall not be removed,
says the LORD, who has compassion on you.

—Isaiah 54:10 (NRSV)

Prayer for the Week

How infinite is your embrace, O God. How broad and high and deep and enduring is your love.
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Something More

Show your loved ones how much you care by giving them Spirit Boosters, daily reminders that they still have purpose, no matter their age.

Lectionary Readings

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  • robert moeller Posted November 21, 2020 6:48 am

    That there is room for every believer is comforting. Even believers need Jesus’ help to find their room. Love, grace, and faith are needed. That these exist are unfathomably precious, sight unseen, and real.
    Thank You, Lord.
    Water in the kitchen! What a blessing that is. The old saying , you don’t how valuable something is until you lose it, is true. Thankful that water was still available from the nearby bathroom, patience was learned. May we be persistently patient and thus safe until the vaccines are administered.
    Encouragement, prayers, thanksgiving for health, welfare, personal issues, needs, and concerns as we greet a new day. The need for God is great and God is our ever present hope and help. Thank You, Lord.
    Have a blessed weekend . Advent will soon be here.

  • Jill Posted November 21, 2020 6:57 am

    God’s blanketing, comforting love – unconditional , is beyond my ability to grasp. It awes me, it humbles me, it encourages me to examine what conditions I place on my love. This drives me to confession. It makes me pause and consider my desire to be a conduit. I am woefully underperforming…but He stays with me and keeps funneling it my way. I need to expand my vision, the limits I place on love…Thank You, Father for Your example.

  • Julie Posted November 21, 2020 8:53 am

    My mind went to the idea of every child made in God’s image. It melded with a passage I read in the Bible this morning and it is a recurrent theme in the New Testament, the in the creation there is no Gentile or Jew, etc. We are taught that the only way to enter heaven is to believe that Jesus is the son of God and that he defied death to sit in heaven, but how does that reflect the thought of no Gentile and Jew in God’s new creation? Are there rooms for Jews?
    Prayers for Jill and her searching her heart for barriers to love, may she and God work together to overcome these.
    Prayers for Robert and his prayers for the world and our country, I add my own to his.
    Prayers for Ally and David as they continue to heal together. May Ally’s catact surgery be successful.
    Megan and I are not attending Thanksgiviing with my family. This will be the first of my life and I am heartsick. We will try for Christmas, but I hold out little hope as many are not heeding the government and science individuals heartfelt pleas. Therefore, I fear an increase iin the already large number of new daily cases following this week. I had my second shingles shot yesterday and feel poorly today. But from early childhood I have learned to power through as no one will care how I feel and will continue to expect me to do my normal activities and be my normal self.

  • Ally Posted November 21, 2020 11:33 am

    I find encouragement in God’s infinite mercies. I’m especially thankful for the Lord’s table: that is open to everyone. This act of Holy Communion puts me right with God and others. Thank You, Lord.
    David is much better and recovering from his fall. I have developed an abscessed tooth and haven’t felt well fir a few days. The pain was pretty bad and the pain medication was hard on my stomach. I’m now on a high-powered antibiotic and it’s getting better. I have a dental appointment Tuesday. Please pray they this will not interfere with my cataract surgery. God is able and faithful.
    Robert, I am in agreement with you in prayer regarding the vaccine and that we can be patient as we wait. Glad your water issues are fixed. Jill, I love what you said about being a conduit. I pray all believers will allow God to work through them. Julie, our family has decided to forego our big gathering, always on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. So David and I will be at home as well. Will be thinking of you and Megan on that day. I pray we all find ways to be thankful during these challenging time. Blessings to all.

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