New every morning is your love, great God of light, and all day long you are working for good in the world. Stir up in us desire to serve you, to live peacefully with our neighbors and all your creation, and to devote each day to your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

"A Liturgy for Morning Prayer," Upper Room Worshipbook

Used by permission from the Book of Common Worship, © 2018 Westminster John Knox Press. All rights reserved. This prayer appears in “A Liturgy for Morning Prayer” in Upper Room Worshipbook.


Today’s Reflection

Note: This week’s New Every Morning reflections are structured differently to follow the format of our featured title, Rally: Communal Prayers for Lovers of Jesus and Justice, which addresses issues of social justice through reflection and over 50 call-and-response prayers known as litanies.

As my son and I gallop down our hall, I think about my Twitter feed and the weight that I’ve absorbed just from reading short commentaries on current events and the festering wounds of US history. I’ve got to stop following so many melancholic activists, I think to myself, just seconds before remembering that they’re the ones who are teaching me how not to look away. It’s so important not to look away right now.

—Britney Winn Lee, Rally: Communal Prayers for Lovers of Jesus and Justice (Fresh Air Books, 2020)

Today’s Question

Who is teaching you something important right now? Join the conversation.

Today’s Scripture

And let us consider each other carefully for the purpose of sparking love and good deeds. Don’t stop meeting together with other believers, which some people have gotten into the habit of doing. Instead, encourage each other, especially as you see the day drawing near.
—Hebrews 10:24-25 (CEB)

Today’s Litany

ONE: Come marchers, intercessors, artists, and prophets.
Come newcomers and those who have tried, tried again.
ALL: Get close, get close, get closer now.
Draw near, ask questions, sing songs, take steps.
We need you together.

ONE: And together, we’ll be patient and mercifully kind—
Not envying, boasting, prideful, or rude.
ALL: Not selfish, short-fused, score-keeping, or spiteful
But rejoicing in the goodness of what’s to be shared.
We need you. We need you together.
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Something More

The final litany from Rally was written by Britney Winn Lee in the beginning days of the global pandemic. This prayer reminds us that hope endures; goodness prevails; people surprise us; and love cannot, has not, will not fail. Watch and listen.

Lectionary Readings

(Courtesy of Vanderbilt Divinity Library)

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  • Jill Posted August 10, 2020 5:45 am

    I think my friend who is undergoing treatment for her breast cancer is teaching me how important a positive attitude is. Her motto is “I got this” – and to myself I have been very critical of this. Thinking – my motto would be “God’s got this”. But from where she is personally, spiritually – and how she carries herself – her motto is perfect for her. She is single, incredibly independent and social. The double whammy she received on March 15 – a breast cancer diagnosis and school shutdown due to covid were a massive shock. The isolation has been incredibly difficult. Many are supporting her as best as possible. I admire her strength and appreciate her honesty.
    April – I would encourage you to do this – you might make a meaningful, lasting impression. I stepped out of my comfort zone, and in anonymity, penpalled with a lady in prison – through a women’s shelter/support group in my area. It may be a little different working with adolescence – but I found it very rewarding – and ultimately was able to meet my pen pal when she was released…maintaining anonymity. I think of her now and wonder how she is doing, if she is making wise decisions.
    Two youths were snooping around my neighbors house yesterday morning…they said they were searching for the victim’s phone. But the more likely story was they were searching for his weapon. My other neighbor confronted them, took their picture on his phone and was almost confronted by them. They sped away, he called the police and they came. There was a weapon found at the scene the night before. When the police saw the picture of the guys – he said they were linked to a “drug house” four blocks away. This is pretty disturbing as I have never felt there was that type of activity in my neighborhood. There has been a police presence on my street these past 24 hours. Generally, there is never a patrol car seen. Alertness, wisdom and discernment are necessary. Thank you all for your prayers.

  • Julie Posted August 10, 2020 8:38 am

    I learn from the people who post here, from Megan, from those I encounter in day to day life and those I read about andhear about through news outlets, newspapers and books. I learn many lessons because my motto has always been thatv I can gain from any encounter with any individual. Be it a friend, poster, author, fami;y member or store clerk. I learn many lessons including patience, caring, sharing and taking a stand.
    Prayers for Jill’s safety continue as criminal activity continues in her neighborhood. We have a security system, perhaps you should look into this as well. We have several state troopers and local officers who reside inour neighborhood so we see little to no serious issues. We also see police cars travel through our streets radomly throughout the day and sometimes the resident troopers park their patrolvehicles intheir driveway.
    Prayers for April as she ponders reaching out in a unique manner. I would encourage to seek God’s wisdom. Pray and meditate on this issue and He will answer.
    Prayers, thank you and stay well dear UR

  • Ally Posted August 10, 2020 10:32 am

    My friend Stephanie has been invaluable help in this area, helping to understand issues of race and systemic racism. This is her area of expertise as a professor of sociology. I was brought up to treat all persons with dignity and respect. However, everyone has attitudes and ideas which they should examine. I am beginning to see with Stephanie’s help, the difference between racism and bias or prejudice. I will never fully understand what it is like to be a black person in America, but I can learn more and stand with our black brothers and sisters and help break the cycle of systemic racism by doing my part and not looking away, even when it’s hard. As believers in Jesus who follow Him as the Christ, we cannot turn away any longer.
    David’s vertigo is better. He did not feel well yesterday due to continues sleep problems. He has been experiencing burning and heaviness in his legs. This sounds like neuropathy and may be another after effect of his illness. Pray for his spirits, as he gets depressed and emotional. I also think both of us are dealing with some PTSD. I think some talk therapy may benefit us. We covet your continues prayers.
    Julie, as a person who struggles to maintain a positive attitude, I hear ya, girl. While I read your comment, I thought of my mama. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 1989. From the get-go, she never doubted that she would get well. If she ever had doubts, I suppose she quashed them. She firmly believed that her positive attituded impacted her outcome. Her tumor was stage 3 and she never had a recurrence. I wish I could be more like her in this area. Many prayers for your safety and for your neighbors as well. Julie, like you, I have learned from our UR family and am so thankful for how God is teaching me and ask God to help us be teachable. April, I will be agreeing with you in prayer as you seek God about how to reach out. Lifting up all of us in these unique times, that we can be Christ to all we encounter. Marcy has been on my heart. I pray she is well. Also lifting up all our regulars and those who “lurk”. I pray they will post and find blessings and kindred spirits. Blessings to all.

    • Ally Posted August 10, 2020 10:37 am

      I forgot to add that after much prayer and seeking wise counsel, I am applying for FMLA. David needs me at home more right now. I also do not want to take something home to him in case his immune system is compromised. Prisons are crowded and it is hard to maintain social distancing. I’m praying for something with flexibility and more controlled environment for our safety. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  • robert moeller Posted August 10, 2020 9:31 pm

    Learning takes place throughout the day in a variety of ways for me. There are many different subjects. The UR, Bible study and worship ate one example Much later than usual I’m here posting. Some days my schedule gets moved around.Bible study on the book of James in the morning Hope to do my walk before that. Prayers for all who wrote or were mentioned in today’s posts. Serious concerns, breast cancer, and crime, the welfare of others, safety at work, and those in prison. Thank You, Lord.

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