New every morning is your love, great God of light, and all day long you are working for good in the world. Stir up in us desire to serve you, to live peacefully with our neighbors and all your creation, and to devote each day to your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

"A Liturgy for Morning Prayer," Upper Room Worshipbook

Used by permission from the Book of Common Worship, © 2018 Westminster John Knox Press. All rights reserved. This prayer appears in “A Liturgy for Morning Prayer” in Upper Room Worshipbook.

Today’s Reflection

IT TAKES COURAGE to become aware. It takes courage to encounter and be encountered by God. And it takes courage to be a mother. But in doing so we open ourselves to experiencing the fullness of life.

– Kim Barker, Linda de Meillon, and Leigh Harrison
Birthed in Prayer

From page 17 of Birthed in Prayer: Pregnancy as a Spiritual Journey by Kim Barker, Linda de Meillon, and Leigh Harrison. Copyright © 2008 by Kim Barker, Linda de Meillon, and Leigh Harrison. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Upper Room Books. http://bookstore.upperroom.org/ Learn more about or purchase this book.

Today’s Question

Think of a time when courage has led you to new life experiences. Share your thoughts.

Today’s Scripture

And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting.

Acts 2:2, NRSV

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This week we remember: Isidore the Farmer (May 15).

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  • Jill Posted May 14, 2018 3:16 am

    It took courage, several summers ago, to step into the volunteer role with young moms. Way out of my comfort zone. I have had to step away from this for now – initially it was because of my health issues at the end of the summer and now with the time needed to be available to my parents.
    Andrea – thanks for sharing regarding your daughter and grandson. So glad you were able to spend time with them and that it was so good.
    Robert – glad your trip to see your sister went well. Prayers for Erich and Annaliese.
    My parents seemed to really enjoy yesterday, we all did. For a bit of time while we were playing cards after lunch, it was as if it was any other holiday. The seven of us were gathered around the table, laughing, poking fun at each other. Mom ate well – so glad her appetite is back. I hope she continues to gain strength. The weather is supposed to be warm this week and she talked of wanting to try to help dad plant the flowers. I offered my help, but she said she was going to try to do a little each day. How I hope she can do this – it would really lift her spirits.
    Grateful for church yesterday, an unexpected gift from a new friend and a few moments to wish two friends Happy Mother’s Day.

  • robert moeller Posted May 14, 2018 5:45 am

    Thankful for a wonderful day yesterday, nice weather, a spirit filled service on Mother’s Day at church, good fellowship, and a delicious supper. Wonderful to read that Jill’s Mom and Dad had a nice special day. Thankful for prayers for Anneliese, Erich, and me. That Andrea and her daughter had a delightful visit is another reason to be thankful. A hymn we sang on Sunday was Count Your Blessings! How true.

    Think it took courage to join a new church where I knew no one. It has been a very good experience, I feel welcome, and included. Before I joined, I only had been by this church. It’s close to home even though it’s in a different town.

    This week I explore the risks I have to get Alzheimer’s. I go to a town where my parents used to live and meet with researchers doing a study on people like me who have risk factors for Alzheimer’s.

    Have received a reply from the German model railroad club in the area where my family is from, more news coming after members get to read my email. The Canadian National Café Grill Car kit should arrive this week. This car provided meals for coach and buffet-parlor car passengers from the mid 40s to the late 50s on a train between Montreal and Boston called the AMBASSADOR.

    Prayers for Marcy, her health and well being; Julie, her hands, foot, daughter, and safety; Lou, her children, mother, and move; Andrea, her daughter, grandson, and husband, Lowell, thankful for sewing and quilting activities;
    Betsy and the divided congregation, I think division is inherent to humans – even in Christ our views. Thankful for the well being of Mary’s parents and her new job. Prayers for all of the writers and readers of the UR. It is a blessing . God’s spirit is felt here.

    Anneliese had a good visit with a friend, Pat, on Friday, has had good help from the new tenant, Melanie, and I believe a good Mother’s Day visiting her daughter and grand sons.

    Erich prepares for his new job beginning on Saturday, Hopeful it will do what he needs to make significant progress.

    Thank You, Lord, for the help You have provided. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

  • Julie Posted May 14, 2018 7:52 am

    I am very thankful for a lovely mother’s day with my daughter. One of the activities we participated in was a painting class. We painted cherry blossom branches. I would love to do this again. We usually do something that involves making something on Mother’s day. I will give mine to my mother for her birthday and of course Megan’s will be given to me.
    Thankful for Robert’s success with his model railroad. Also thankful he found such a wonderful church. Prayers for Erich and his job and Anneliese.
    Thankful Jill and her parents had a joy filled Mother’s day. Also heartened to hear her mother is taking initiative to begin projects important to her.
    Thankful Andrea and her daughter had a successful visit Saturday. May many more follow.
    Blessings and prayers for and thank you to all of the UR family. Not one concern or joy is forgotten or overlooked by myself or of course God himself.
    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
    Helen Keller

    • robert moeller Posted May 15, 2018 2:09 pm

      Thanks Julie, so far so good with the model railroad. I’m getting rid of some trains, they aren’t needed and will help make possible what is needed for the Landecker layout. Erich got an email and will start on Friday and work through the weekend, he’s happy about that. Pearl was up early, had some dry food and played, later she got me up and I gave her wet food and she almost immediately went back to sleep.

      Prayers for you, your daughter, what a blessing that the kidney stone passed, prayers for well being and safety. The quotes, always short, but very powerful, thank you.

      Anneliese has been doing better, visited a friend, has real help from the new tenant, Melanie, upstairs. Hopefully sh will have a good pain management treatment. Her former doctor is gone and the office there is difficult to deal with. She met an old friend had a nice chat and learned that a day afterward he passed away. It is a very up close and personal experience she shared with me.

      No idea why today’s reflection has yet to come.

  • Connie Posted May 14, 2018 7:53 am

    Had a pleasant Mother’s Day. Many cards, many calls.
    Robert, I was singing “Count your Blessings” to myself earlier this morning! Named them one by one. This site is in “tune”! Prayers for Erich and his new endeavor. I will mark Sat. on my calendar.
    A lot of rain overnight…thunder & lightning. Letting up somewhat.
    Blessings to all as we begin a new week.

    • April Posted May 14, 2018 9:54 pm

      In tune!! I love it!! and today I was sent this site…I hope you will be able to play it (if it doesn’t open, you can copy and paste in the search bar) and enjoy….Planting Seeds….
      I know our UR family is planting more seeds than one can imagine…I know that I am enjoying the fruit of all those seeds already planted.
      Blessing to all.

    • robert moeller Posted May 15, 2018 2:19 pm

      Thank you Connie, the hymn is not in the hymnal at church, it was an insert to the bulletin. Our organist wondered if we knew it, it was sung as if we had known it for 1000 years. I like it a lot, have no idea how I learned or knew it, but I did. Maybe the spirit came a week early. It’s Pentecost this coming Sunday, we’re supposed to wear red.

      You’ll have to adjust the post on the calendar, Erich starts on the 18th after he got an email yesterday. Thanks for your prayers.

      Prayers that you are well. My mother-in-law lost her daughter, my wife, 8 years before she passed away. God’s peace came to me and I think has come to you.

  • Mary Ng Shwu Ling Posted May 14, 2018 9:01 am

    Grateful for another busy and fruitful day

    Blessings to all

    So glad to hear from Marcy

    May all be well and at peace with God

  • Andrea Posted May 14, 2018 6:52 pm

    This reflection touches me very closely. I will print it and put it on my bathroom mirror.

    Thank you for your words, encouragement and prayers, dear UR friends.

    May all feel God very close this evening. May we move and breathe in God’s dazzling light. Blessings, all.

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