New every morning is your love, great God of light, and all day long you are working for good in the world. Stir up in us desire to serve you, to live peacefully with our neighbors and all your creation, and to devote each day to your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

"A Liturgy for Morning Prayer," Upper Room Worshipbook

Used by permission from the Book of Common Worship, © 2018 Westminster John Knox Press. All rights reserved. This prayer appears in “A Liturgy for Morning Prayer” in Upper Room Worshipbook.


Today’s Reflection

Lent can be a time to confront the logs in our own eyes, to name them, and to call on the Lord for help removing them. Something beautiful happens when we do this: We become less judgmental, more gentle, and more understanding of the struggles that others face. In a word, we become compassionate.

—Trevor Hudson, Pauses for Lent: 40 Words for 40 Days (Upper Room Books, 2015)

Today’s Question

What “log” in your eye do you often judge in the life of those around you? Join the conversation.

Today’s Scripture

Why do you see the splinter that’s in your brother’s or sister’s eye, but don’t notice the log in your own eye?
—Matthew 7:3 (CEB)

Prayer for the Week

Holy God, as I walk through this Holy Week, help me to remember all that Jesus experienced in the last week of his life. Guide me to remember his greatest sacrifice, and help me as I seek to follow Jesus. Thank you for your great love. Amen.
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Something More

This Holy Week, join us on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. (CT), for prayer and worship in The Upper Room Chapel. Also, on Maundy Thursday, we will also release a new video reflection on The Last Supper Woodcarving in honor of The Upper Room Chapel’s 70th Anniversary. Join us on Facebook and YouTube.

Lectionary Readings

(Courtesy of Vanderbilt Divinity Library)

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  • Julie Posted April 3, 2023 9:49 am

    The log in my eye is my lack of patience and empathy for h. But I don’t see it in others either. Plus no one spends day in and day out with him. Those who spend time with loved ones who have this also lose their tempers and they love the people they care for. I do not love h and wanted to be divorced and start fresh without his nastiness in my life. I know we are to love our enemy, but should we love those who purposely abused us and reveled in the abuse?
    Had very nice day yesterday. Although it began with no electricity, I thanked God again and again that it returned before my shower and church preparations. I attended Palm Sunday services though I forgot my palm frond. I saw my new friend and we arranged to talk on Tuesday afternoon and we both expressed eagerness to set up a time to meet in person. I also spoke to a friend there who attends Bible study and asked if she would help me with my crocheting. I used to be proficient but stopped when I started gettting the Raynaud’s wounds. I was physically unable to do even the day to day tasks of daily living. Now I have lost fingers and parts of fingers and Megan thinks it is a mental block I’m having in relearning this skill. But my church friend assured me she would help and that all people crochet and knit differently and even she has been told she holds her hook incorrectly. Then I stopped at the house of a friend from when Megan was a baby and her dad and I lived in our first house. She still lives in her house and we made arrangements to walk her dog together in two weeks after church. I then picked up a makeup order from my Clinique friend who told me her mother died. She explained that her mother gave her family a most amazing gift when she found out she had cancer throughouut her body. She said that it was fine and that she had an amazing life and was ready at 82 to go to heaven. How wonderful for her family. My friend was obviously at peace. I think her mother must have been an amazinng woman.

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