New every morning is your love, great God of light, and all day long you are working for good in the world. Stir up in us desire to serve you, to live peacefully with our neighbors and all your creation, and to devote each day to your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

"A Liturgy for Morning Prayer," Upper Room Worshipbook

Used by permission from the Book of Common Worship, © 2018 Westminster John Knox Press. All rights reserved. This prayer appears in “A Liturgy for Morning Prayer” in Upper Room Worshipbook.

Today’s Reflection

IN NAMING OUR GIFTS and experiencing ourselves as enough, we honor God’s work of creation. My spiritual director often asks me: “Have you allowed God to thank you?” Her question can remind us to create space to hear God’s gratitude for the ways we choose to share life with God. It can be difficult to let God thank us for the work we do, to let God enjoy who we’ve been created to be, and to enjoy for ourselves who God has made us to be. Yet listening for and experiencing God’s love and gratitude helps us see ourselves more clearly. When I see myself through God’s loving eyes, I am filled with joy and awe: I like who I see.

—Lauren Burdette
This Life That Is Ours: Motherhood As Spiritual Practice

From page 80 of This Life That Is Ours: Motherhood As Spiritual Practice by Lauren Burdette. Copyright © 2019 by The Upper Room. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Upper Room Books. Learn more about or purchase this book.

Today’s Question

Have you allowed God to thank you?  Share your thoughts.

Today’s Scripture

God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good.
—Genesis 1:31a, NRSV

Prayer for the Week

Here I am, Lord.

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  • robert moeller Posted April 7, 2019 6:33 am

    I am thankful for what God has given me. that God thanks me for what I do is the new idea in this reflection. Thankful that these reflections help us on our spiritual journey. Our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds are opened. Thank You, Lord.

    Prayers for a blessed first Sunday of the month. There will be communion today. Hoping today is the day we have an agreement on a new place to live.

    Prayers for Gloria, Marcy, Jukie, Andrea and Lowell, Edy’s son, Rusty, Anneliese, and Doris, may God’s comfort, peace, and help be with them and all with health related issues. Prayers for Larry, Jill, Becky, Mary, Edy, and all care givers. You are God’s helpers in this work. Blessings to you. Lord help us be reconciled with neighbor, friend, enemy, family member and especially You. Thank You for Jesus and the Holy Spirit who enable us to come before You.

    Thank You, Lord for all You do and have done. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

  • Betsy Posted April 7, 2019 7:07 am

    Allowing God to thank me is a reverse of what I’m used to praying for. Very humbling. I do work to please Him in my everyday actions.
    Grateful for a wonderful experience at a ladies conference yesterday. Met many new folks and worshipped with others connected through the simulcast.
    Worship today where we will gather at the Lord’s Table. So many blessings to bring before God this day.
    Grateful for FaceTime with my grandson yesterday and seeing his sweet face. Prayers for all the UR family this day: Robert, Mary, Jill, Andrea, Marcy, Julie, Rusty, Connie and the many others who visit here each day.

  • Julie Posted April 7, 2019 8:03 am

    I have never thought of this concept before. I cannot believe God has anything to thank me for. I do not even visit Him in His house. I ask so much of Him and He asks nothing of me or rather I give so little. My old church is getting a new pastor next month, I may give the church a try then, especially since it seems the US methodists are thinking of adoptimg a different stance on homosexuality.
    The h has a meeing with another lawyer tomorrow (I snoope to find info). He did not fill out the paperwork, a woman did.
    Prayers for Andrea, may she be healing physically and with Lowell.
    Prayers for Betsy, thankful for her time spent with fellow believers.
    Prayers for Connie, thankful for improved health and mobility.
    Prayers for Jill and her family, pray that all are finding God’s peace.
    Prayers for Lou, may her future be full of connections and healing.
    Prayers for Mary, may her mum’s health improve.
    Prayers for Marcy, may her health improve.
    Prayers for Robert and Erich, may they hear good news about the condo.
    Prayers for Rusty, may his health improve.
    Prayers for April and Edy and Bill, may all be well.
    Prayers and blessings and warm hugs dear UR family and thank you for your kind words and prayers

  • Mary Ng Shwu Ling Posted April 7, 2019 8:47 am

    Thank you all for your prayers.

    Visited mum to feed her dinner then give tuition after that.

    Feeding her is more difficult now. Grateful my younger sister is there to help.

    Blessings to all

    Grateful for good health. So many are sick.

    Difficult question. Too tired to think. KIV in my notes section.

  • robert moeller Posted April 8, 2019 6:55 am

    Can’t get in to the next reflection. It says comments are closed.

    Very thankful to have good news to report. There is agreement on the condo sale. Have already received and signed paperwork beyond the agreement, and will arrange a home inspection today.

    Thankful for a Wesleyan Covenant service yesterday. It was very meaningful and helpful just before Communion.

    Yes. Julie, I will be glad if the US UMC becomes more inclusive. The message of love in the New Testament is overwhelming. Love conquers all. We are asked to love everyone and see Christ in everyone. Prayers that there is a resolution to your home life and that warm weather brings great help to your hands and foot.

    Prayers for Gloria, Larry, Becky, and Jill; Marcy and Mary, Mary’s Mum, Rusty, Andrea and Lowell, Edy’s Bill, Anneliese, Doris and all with health concerns.

    God’s wisdom to Lou’s daughter as she decides on a college. May all the UR family receive God’s wisdom. Blessings to you all. Thank You, Lord.

    • Lou Posted April 8, 2019 7:12 am

      Good news about your new home- may all continue to go well.

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